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When it comes to surfing big waves, there are a few names that stick out above the rest. Shane Dorian and Greg Long, to name a few. And of course, there’s Mark Healey.

Mark is a very interesting person. He’s spent a lifetime training for what he does–and what he does is far more than just surfing. He’s a true waterman, as painfully cringeworthy as that word is. A champion spear fisherman, freediver, and stuntman, Mark uses his body to the fullest extent. Part of his job requires being ready to do things that most wouldn’t even consider… and he has to do those things at the drop of hat. To do that, he needs to remain constantly in the best shape he can be in.

SAXX Underwear just signed him to their team. Their newest campaign is called Free to Move, and Healey is the face of it. On top of that, he’s helping out with product development and design. Last month, when a swell of pretty insane magnitude ran into Jaws, Healey was filming for his campaign video. Lucky for the SAXX team, he invited them along for the ride, and put on a show like only Mark Healey can.


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