The Inertia

Tim Nunn. Numb.

Tim Nunn. Numb.

Photographer Tim Nunn and surfer Ian Battrick have spent most of their surfing lives riding waves at the colder end of the planet. Growing up in the British Isles meant this was out of necessity rather than choice, and despite both having spent years in the more regular surf zones of the planet, the search for surfing solitude led them north through Canada, Iceland, Norway and Scotland. They met many colourful characters along the way, including Californian Timmy Turner who joined them on most of their adventures whilst filming his own movie Cold Thoughts.

This is just a tiny taster of some of the cold water adventures Ian and Tim have been on in the last six years, having spent months in some of the wilder places in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the story of times where their paths have crossed, showcased in 208 pages of rich photography and tales in one hard bound coffee table book. With 402 pictures, numerous unique tales and great extended captions accompanying shots, this is a must for any surfer’s book shelf. From dealing with bears in the wilderness of Canada to volcanic eruptions in Iceland, driving for days in Norway to surfing heavy slabs in Scotland, this book is a window into some of the less explored corners of the surfing world. It is a book designed to inspire you to break free of the confines of everyday life and have your own adventure. To get out and see the planet for the incredible place its is, whether that be for a weekend, a year or a lifetime.

You can get a copy direct from Tim here,  and see more of their adventures and grab a copy from Lunasurf .com


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