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The Inertia

Josh Kerr is experiencing (and enjoying) something at the ripe age of 34 that, realistically, only a professional athlete can experience at 34: retirement. After nine seasons as a regular on the World Tour, 2018 is Kerr’s year-long retirement party. It turns out a vacation in the Ments was Kerrzy’s most recent celebration and he looks good.

“I can do better things with my time than being on Tour,” he said in 2017 once he’d decided he’d be hanging them up. “I think I can make a lot more use of the world around me, rather than just traveling to all the Tour events.” Kerr admitted he wasn’t happy with his results on Tour and focusing on family, business, and traveling to surf for the love of it rather than to compete all seemed more fulfilling. Well, props to you, Kerrzy. Because so far it looks like you’re living it up.


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