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Will it ever stop?
As long as there’s good surf in the world, probably not. The scenario is almost cliched: surf break becomes popular, an influx of commercial amenities follow, scraps occur between locals and tourists. If only everyone could just shut up and surf. Kyle Kahn–who actually lives on the island and has for nearly two years–was riding the notoriously localized left at Tamarin Bay on the island of Mauritius off Madagascar’s eastern coast recently when he ran into trouble with a local, who apparently slapped his 13-year-old son around as well as another kid, says Kahn.

Kudos to Kahn, who didn’t throw any punches (that in itself would take an incredible amount of restraint) but instead let the local bash him in the face several times, leaving him with black eyes and a swollen mug. Kahn’s son was apparently doing his best Jamie O’Brien impression when he caught the ire of said local. Kahn fully explains the scenario in this video posted on YouTube.


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