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Just in time for the holidays, we’re excited to launch a new community for surfers and outdoor enthusiasts that’s been years in the making: Inspire Courses+

If you’re interested in becoming a better, more well-rounded surfer and learning more about the outdoor pursuits that consume your waking thoughts, you’ve found the perfect new home.

Over the last four years, we’ve been building (and continue to build) the definitive online resource for surf and outdoor enthusiasts by partnering with the most accomplished and respected athletes on Earth to help you have more fun doing the things you love.

Over the last few years, we’ve launched over 340 video lessons spanning nearly 2,000 minutes of instruction across 18 different classes. The full library is now available to access for just $15 per month (paid annually). For the price of two oat-milk lattes in Southern California, you get the best surf  and outdoor coaches in the world helping you break through plateaus and have more fun. Not to mention guides to the backcountry, building pop-top campers, surf photography, sea-to-table cooking, and more.

Mark Healey riding down the face of a wave.

Mark Healey teaches how to keep composure and prepare for heavy surf in his Inspire Courses. Clearly, he knows a few things about keeping his cool in high stakes situations. Photo: Tim McKenna.

Our classes and curriculum are designed by icons of surf and the outdoors who are excited to share a lifetime of hard-earned knowledge to help make your journey a little easier. These are the classes and insights they wish they had when they started out. They’ve distilled those lessons down for you into neatly-packed nuggets of guidance.

There’s a little something for everyone. We’ve got you covered if you want to learn to:

– Hang 10
– Land airs
– Get barreled
– Improve your pop-up
– Improve your cutback
– Catch more waves
– Learn surf etiquette
– Develop heavy surf breathing techniques
– Explore alternative surfboards
– Safely navigate lineups
– Prepare physically and mentally for heavy surf
– Access backcountry powder safely
– Properly layer in the backcountry
– Build a backcountry rescue sled
– Understand avalanche dangers, terrain, and slope angles
– Minimize adverse shark encounters
– Build a DIY Pop-Top Campervan
– Learn about DIY Philosophy
– Turn a passion for photography into a career
– Meditate
– Take A+ surf photos
– Cook your own sea-to-table dinners
– Prepare Vegan meals
– Adopt a surf-friendly yoga and workout program
– Strengthen your core and surf-specific muscles
– Scale, gut, and clean a fish
– Develop a more sustainable approach to food and nutrition
– And much more…

Ocean Ramsey Shark Deter Juan Sharks

Sharks can read your body language says shark researcher Ocean Ramsey. Send the right message. She shares her knowledge in Inspire Courses+. Photo: Juan Oliphant/@juansharks

Inspire Courses+ has been compiled into hundreds of video lessons and thousands of minutes of personal instruction from the best to ever do it. Instructors include:

– Kassia Meador (longboarding)
– Ocean Ramsey (sharks)
– Mark Healey (heavy surf)
– Jay Nelson (building a DIY Pop-Top Camper)
– Zak Noyle (surf photography)
– Kimi Werner (sustainable cooking)

“Confidence comes with years of being in the mountains and noticing subtle changes. So you’re looking at the ways that the icicles are dripping off of the trees or the wind is blowing off of the roof of your house.”~Nick Russell, on his avalanche safety course with Inspire+

– Tia Blanco (vegan nutrition and surf-specific fitness and yoga)
– Matt Meola (aerial surfing)
– Ace Buchan (precision shortboarding)
– Jaimal Yogis (meditation and wellness)
– Nick Russell (backcountry snowboarding safety)
– Leah Dawson (alternative surfboards)
– Sam Thackeray (avalanche safety)
– Elise Carver (surf fitness)

Matt Meola punts a huge air in Maui. Photo: @1more808

“You’ll be surprised what you can land if you commit,” says Matt Meola in his Aerial Surfing class with Inspire Courses. Photo: @1more808 / Dayanidhi Das

We’re just getting started, and we’re excited to continue to build this surf and outdoors community resource together. We know how much time, energy, and thought each instructor put into their courses. Each one was made with a lot of love, consideration, and includes plenty of takeaways that have a direct impact on time in the water and in the mountains.

We hope you enjoy these classes as much as we enjoyed putting them together. Thanks again for being part of it, and we hope to see you in the water or in the great outdoors soon.

Ace Buchan Surf Class

Ace Buchan knows a few things about threading a barrel. He’s excited to share his knowledge with you in his new surf class available on Inspire Courses+. Photo: Jacob Wooden

“Foot placement is, in my humble opinion, the most important element to riding a surfboard.” ~Leah Dawson Photo: Seea//Inspire Courses

“Foot placement is, in my humble opinion, the most important element to riding a surfboard, ” says Leah Dawson in her Guide to Alternative Surfboards with Inspire Courses. Photo: Seea//Inspire Courses


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