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Barrel city. Photo: Instagram: @brodie_mccabe

Barrel city. Photo: Instagram: @brodie_mccabe

The Inertia

Welcome to Barrel City. The juxtaposition between this clean, deep-blue barrel and the city behind it in all its sky-scraping enormity hits home for us being in Los Angeles. The main difference is we don’t typically get wide barrels like this one. Barrel gripes aside, Brodie McCabe shot this at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, Australia, and it has us yearning for a winter filled with clean lines like this one. With summer having kicked off here in the States, however, we’ll enjoy our blue skies, warm weather and dribbling pointbreaks for now.

Congrats to Instagrammer @brodie_mccabe for putting himself right in the sweet spot and capturing this delightful juxtaposition of nature and the city. We appreciate the wanderlust bait you’ve threaded onto your Instagram hook. We’re biting. Double congratulations to this Instagrammer as he’s our first repeat winner – his first featured image was a beaut, too.

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