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The Inertia

You know those surf trips you take where you’re not sure exactly what’s going to happen? The ones where the forecast looks good, but you’re not sure just HOW good? Yeah, this was one of these trips. Rob Kelly, Stevie Pittman, Geariod Mcdaid, Conor Maguire, Noah Lane, Seamus Mcgoldrick, and Josh Redman pulled the trigger on one such trip to Ireland and the gamble paid off in spades.

“We took a last minute trip across the Atlantic and met up with some of the local Irish chargers for a swell, NumbSkulls wrote. “The days are short and the weather unpredictable in Ireland this time of year, but we ended up lucking out and scoring two windows of solid surf with pretty good conditions.”

May we just interject here for a second? “Pretty good conditions” is the understatement of the year.


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