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The term “biggest ever” gets thrown around a lot in surfing. It makes sense, sometimes–surfers are an excitable bunch, and when it comes to exaggerating, we’re just as bad (if not worse) than fishermen. To make matters worse, wave size is difficult to measure, and a lot of the time it seems completely subjective. Measuring from the back, measuring from the front, lip to trough, size of the rider, steepness of the wave… there are a whole lot of bits and pieces that can make a whole lot of difference. But this time, “biggest ever” might be the right call.

The swell that’s currently pounding Jaws has offered up some of the greatest conditions in a decade, and as usual, there has been a “biggest wave ever” claim. This time, it’s Aaron Gold’s absolute monster at the 3:20 mark in the video above, shot by the folks over at Pure Digital Media. While it’s tough to say whether or not it truly is the biggest wave ever paddled at Peahi, it is undoubtably absolutely massive.

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