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Well, it’s official. Italo Ferreira and Lakey Peterson are the winners of the newly named Corona Bali Protected. Although the massive swell at Cloudbreak stole some of the event’s thunder(cloud), it was a successful event. Waves poured through and performance levels across the board were at their peak. No one was higher on that peak than Italo Ferreira, and the win, his second of the 2018 season, puts him squarely on top of the ratings.

“It’s really cool to get back the Jeep Leader Jersey,” Ferreira told the WSL. “There’s a lot more steps I need to take to win the World Title, so I will enjoy this moment, but I want to win more. The CT is full of amazing surfers, but I am feeling confident and I want to keep the momentum and extend my lead.”

Ferreira loves the wave at Keramas. wave is perfect; it reminds me of my home break,” he continued. “I have been paddling out when it’s dark every day because I love this wave and I want to get as many as I can. It was such a perfect day.”

But Ferreira’s not the only one whose win resulted in ownership of the yellow jersey—Lakey Peterson found her way back into it, as well. “I’m over the moon,” said Peterson. “This is just so crazy. Seeing Steph (Gilmore) win in Brasil really lit a fire in me, and I came here and knew what I had to do. I’ve just been keeping calm all week. This is a really long year, so it’s been fun to be a part of it so far. To have a Final against Tyler (Wright) was cool. She’s been surfing so well and when she took off on that last wave, I was so nervous and didn’t know if she’d get the score. In the end, it worked out for me. That chair up the beach was so cool. There are people dancing everywhere. This is crazy.”


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