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The Inertia

It’s cool when companies care about the environment. Discarded fishing nets make up an estimated 10% of plastic waste in our oceans, and they are damaging to marine wildlife and ecosystems. For years, Bureo has collected and recycled plastic fishnets, breaking them down into a durable raw material they then turn into skateboard decks. To date, Bureo has repurposed over 24,000 square feet of scrapped plastic fishnets.

Recently Bureo teamed up with Carver Skateboards to combine Bureo’s eco-conscious production methods with Carver’s unique truck design to create the Ahi. This is a skateboard that feels as close to surfing in the ocean as a skateboard possibly can. And its made out of fishnets, meaning cleaner oceans. All told the Ahi is a board you can feel good about ripping on concrete when the waves are flat.

To learn more about Bureo’s Net Positiva program click here! And to learn more about the Ahi check out Bureo’s website.




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