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“The beach” is synonymous with a few things. Sunscreen, warm summer days, towels, umbrellas. But surfers know better than most that while the notion of going to the beach is entirely seasonal across the country, if you pay attention sometimes winter months at the beach are a little more interesting. Case in point, the video above posted on Facebook by Maine resident Peter Lekousi Sr. of a local high school student trying out his new ice skates on the frozen sand.

Since Lekousi posted the video on Monday, the skating teen has been identified as York High School senior Grant Long. Long’s mother, Jill Bauman, told the York Weekly her son had received the skates as a birthday present. “I think he felt this was something like a birthday bonus,” she said. “He is something of an old soul, so he mentioned that he would definitely be writing this one in his journal!”


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