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Famed surfer/songwriter Jack Johnson released a new song this week, “Meet the Moonlight,” ahead of his new album of the same name due out June 24. Celebrated surf cinematographer Morgan Maassen directed the hypnotic music video for the tune, shot completely underwater. It’s gorgeous, to put it mildly.

“Shooting underwater is a bit like what I’d imagine traveling through space is like,” Morgan told The Inertia, “Infinite darkness, with sources of light representing so much more safety and utility than we often realize throughout our daily lives. I often find myself in Tahiti and Hawaii, spending as much time under the ocean with my camera as possible, pushing myself and my limits to capture the light and textures that the sea and turbulences create. This video was shot with curiosity based around the absence of light and edited to further meld that concept with Jack’s music.”

Jack’s music often reminds us to live in the moment, which is apparent in “Meet the Moonlight.”

“Whenever I walk outside at night and look up at the stars, it’s always a way to be present instead of worrying about the future or dwelling on the past,” Jack said.

This is Jack’s eighth studio album to go along with two live albums and his first full-length release in five years. It comes ahead of a full summer tour schedule (35 stops) as concert goers celebrate the return of live music to many regions, post-pandemic. JJ also released the song, “One Step Ahead,” and worked on the album with Blake Mills, an accomplished producer who introduced new elements to Jack’s compositions, including steel drums and fretless guitars. Jack opens up his “Meet the Moonlight” tour June 21 in Gilford, New Hampshire.

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