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The Inertia

For a little while there, Poopies was the star of Jamie O’Brien’s vlog. He was the one who did most of the things worth watching (unless, that is, you were watching for the surfing, which you weren’t). He was the one who left his flesh on the ground for the sake of entertainment. He was the one who spent his days and nights in a constant state of anxiousness, waiting for whatever fresh hell Jamie dreamt up.

Then, he struck out on his own. He started The Poopies Channel, and it was like watching a little baby bird fly from the nest for its first time. On shaky wings, Poopies forged his own way through the tangled thicket that is the internet. But now, almost a year later, Poopies appears to have found his way. BUt surfing lost its favorite couple.

A few days ago, Jamie O’Brien’s most recent vlog featured Poops again, who had just returned from a trip to Australia. Now, Poops dropped his most recent vlog, and guess who it features? J.O.B. and Poopies are back together at last!


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