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The Inertia

Jamie O’Brien is no stranger to injury. Broken bones, countless sprains, tweaks, and bruises are part of parcel of his life. Surfing one of the world’s most dangerous waves as much as humanly possible will do that to a guy, but after years of thrashings, Jamie O’Brien’s body finally said “no more.

He recently underwent surgery to fix a ruined knee, and after a bit of rest and rehab, Jamie O’Brien is body surfing again. While he isn’t quite ready to surf on a surfboard just yet, we’d say a whomp session still counts. In a speedo, of course. “They went in there and they cleaned it up,” O’Brien said about his surgery. “They sucked every little piece out that was in there getting in the way.”

In his most recent vlog, the Pipe wizard explains exactly what happened, how his knee got so bad, and what he’s been doing to get himself back in the water. It’s been over a month since his injury and subsequent surgery — the longest he’s been out of the water in years — and his excitement at getting back into the ocean is palpable.


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