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The Inertia

Southern California has been blowing up in the past few weeks. El Niño conditions have brought a series of combo swells paired with abnormally warm water for early fall…and nobody, especially surfers, seems to be complaining. Even Jamie O’Brien has been taking time off from early season on the North Shore to reap the rewards of SoCal’s recent slew of surf.

Here’s JOB doing what he does best – surfing heavy waves on a strange and challenging (and hot pink) board. This time it’s SoCal’s most notorious mutant of a wave, The Wedge. Out of any surfer out there, Jamie just seems to get bored with normal board riding. So to mix it up, he rides weird surf craft, takes off switch stance, hell, even lights himself on fire. He’s like the hyperactive kid on the playground with a serious case of ADHD. And it’s all fun to watch. But nothing quite compares to some good ‘ol fashion tube riding, like at the 1:06 time mark, the last and most enjoyable wave of the clip.


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