The Inertia for Good Editor

The WSL’s “official” caption: “Jamie O’Brien ready for his round 3 heat 10 (in a speedo) at the WSL 2019 Volcom Pipe Pro at Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii, USA” Photo: WSL/Tony Heff

The Inertia

Surf fashion comes and goes. For example, just the other day, I was feeling nostalgic and went down a Youtube rabbit hole of old Andy Irons/Kelly Slater heats. Do you know what was a big enough distraction that I couldn’t even focus on the actual surfing? Kelly’s shorts. They were huge. They looked ridiculous — as if the guy had to borrow a pair from Kobe Bryant.

I used to wear crap like that. We all did.

I wouldn’t hold my breath for speedos to ever become the status quo in lineups around the world but who better than Jamie O’Brien to attempt making that fashion statement? The guy’s surfed in speedos plenty but I’m pretty sure this is the first time he’s done so in a WSL heat. O’Brien donned some camo huggers at the Volcom Pipe Pro for his Round 3 heat against Josh Burke, Sheldon Paishon, and Dwight Pastrana, and you’re kidding yourself if you couldn’t at least muster a smirk watching the WSL’s oh-so-serious broadcast while J.O.B. collected a 2.87 heat total and took the piss out of it all.


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