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The Inertia

Two vlogs per week, every week, for the past how many years? Yeah, professionally, having fun all the time sounds like it could get pretty tiring. In his latest vlog episode, Jamie opened up about the demands of constantly being on camera or locked away in the editing room, and what he plans to do to get back to what initially motivated his insanely successful YouTube channel – having fun.

Dedicated fans chimed in on the comments with almost entirely positive and enthusiastic support for Jamie’s new game plan: putting himself and his crew’s quality of life first, producing one vlog per week of high quality, entertaining content “instead of running ragged around the North Shore or the entire world, trying to put out two videos a week,” Jamie says. “I was forgetting to, honestly, have fun.” And to kick off his new pivot to having more fun, Jamie, Tina, and the gang went straight to the best, most consistent wave in the world, Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch. Needless to say they had an absolute blast.


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