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A day that involves both surfing and playing in the snow is a pretty special kind of day, and it sure isn’t possible everywhere. Not only do you need mountains capable of producing rideable conditions within reasonable striking distance from the water, but you’ll probably want water to surf in that’s not miserably cold. Southern California is one place that’s achievable – without LA traffic, you can get from Big Bear to the beach in about two to three hours. Christchurch, New Zealand and Biarritz, France, are two other locations.

However, there’s something special about scoring the “California Double” in Hawaii. Warm water, and some of the best views in the world from the top of the mountain are what you’ll find on the Big Island. And while the snow certainly isn’t something to write home about, this sort of experience is less about scoring epic conditions than it is about the journey. Jamie O’Brien takes us there.


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