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The Inertia

You know that old saying “so good he could surf a door”? It’s a simple concept: someone is good enough at surfing that the board could be anything. If it has some kind of planing surface and the surfer in question is skilled enough, they can make it go. Kelly Slater surfed on a table once, remember? Jamie O’Brien is not one to shy away from surfing on strange things, even when the waves get big. Couch surfing? Why not? If it’s inflatable, he’s likely tried surfing on it. Surfing on a window, though… that’s new.

It’s a pretty unique marketing angle for Pella Windows and Doors. One has to assume that someone high up over at Pella is a surf fan, because bringing this stunt up in a marketing meeting would be strange, to say the least. Or maybe Jamie just needed some new windows and reached out to see if they could do a quick trade. But hey, whatever the case, it works for us. And it worked for Jamie, too. It wasn’t easy, though. “This was probably the craziest thing I’ve surfed,” he said. “Definitely the hardest.”


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