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There’s no doubt about it – it’s winter. And that means another season of swells aimed at the North Shore of Oahu. To be honest, it’s been a bit of a sleepy start so far, but the first clean, long-period swells just touched down at my home break of Ocean Beach, San Francisco, which means they must have hit the North Shore on their way across the ocean.

And they did. Just like clockwork, and Jamie O’Brien was there to capitalize. However, the swell didn’t end up delivering all that much to his home break of Pipeline. And so while that sleeping giant continues to slumber, (though it does look like Pipeline won’t be asleep much longer) Jamie took a trip down the road to Sunset, a break he rarely surfs. “What am I doing going surfing Sunset?” Jamie asks himself as he loads up the car. Well, he’s actually ripping, and the swell is too, making for a nice viewing combination. Something that will never get old in the surf-vlog world is good surfing, and that’s on full display here.


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