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Jamie O’Brien is a hard worker. Sure, he works hard at doing something we all love to do, but anything, even surfing, can become work if one isn’t careful. And all that hard work has paid off: Jamie O’Brien’s Pipeline house is pretty damn amazing.

He’s one of the best surfers at Pipeline, and he’s become that through sheer dedication to a wave that breaks bones. He’s currently laid up, in fact, with a wrecked knee, so we’re assuming this little tour of his Pipe house was filmed before his trip to the E.R.

The O’Brien house, as you well know, looks out at his favorite wave. It includes a board room par excellence, a sauna, ice bath, hot tub, and all the bells and whistles that come with being one of the best surfers/vloggers in the world. Follow along as he gives a walk-through of a house that we’d all like to call home.

See more from Jamie O’Brien on his YouTube channel.


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