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Is there a more perfect Aquaman than Jason Momoa? “If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I wanted to be a surfer,” he says in the video you see above. “I just grew up idolizing my uncles in Hawaii, and the legend, my uncle, Buffalo Keaulana, was the greatest to me. His sons, Brian and Rusty, they took me under their wing; they showed me the way. And even though I’m not the best surfer in the world, I did learn how to paddleboard at Makaha.”

While the Hollywood heavyweight was filming Aquaman in Australia, he headed to the Surfboard Warehouse, where he met a man named Tim. “I went in to get a paddleboard,” he explains, “and I found myself thinking, ‘man, I would love to make one of these.’… and we (just) started.”

With Tim’s help, Momoa got his hands in the foam and carved out a board that his family in Hawaii would be proud of. Using paulownia wood and an “environmentally-friendly epoxy resin,” the boards certainly are nice to look at. He also made two inflatable models, a 10’6 and an 8’10.


Then he took his signature boards to Makaha, where he spent a few hours in the lineup surfing with a few people who helped make him who he is today.


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