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The Inertia

Well, it’s official: the Jaws season has begun. It started off with a bang, too, and Jaws surfers were excited, to say the least. It’s what they wait for all year, so when a swell big enough to turn it on showed up in the forecast, they breathed a collective exhale of relief that was quickly followed by a collective inhale of nervousness.

The morning started out with a few 10-footers — big for most, but not quite what Jaws aficionados were hoping for. As the day wore on, though, things quickly increased in size until sunset, when it was in the XL range. The Maui crew was out there, and as usual, MROD Maui was there to document the action.

“With no wind during this swell it was the perfect time to get a huge paddle in wave barrel ride at Pe’ahi,” wrote MROD. “Kai Lenny, Ty Simpson Kane, Francisco Porcella, Albee Layer, and Billy Kemper ended up getting some of the waves of the day.”

If the opening day swell is anything to measure off of, we’re in for a very entertaining winter at Jaws.


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