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Jeff Rowley Albatross Australia 50 foot wave

See that tiny, black speck? That's Jeff.

The Inertia

Big wave specialist Jeff Rowley charged into Australia’s history on September 15 by riding an estimated 50-foot wave. Rowley’s wave has been accepted into the Australian Oakley Big Wave Awards as well as entered into the XXL Global Big Wave Awards biggest wave category.

“This is the biggest swell I’ve ever seen hit the Australian coastline,” Rowley said. “The wave was so angry, it was like riding a five storey building at 80 k’s an hour.”

Previous to Rowley’s wave, Sydney’s Mark Matthews rode what was considered at the time to be the biggest was in Australia. It was 45 feet.

Rowley travels around the world finding massive waves at new locations. He’s recently pledged to paddle into a 50-foot wave and donating money raised to charity.


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