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The Inertia

Mexico is a country well known by surfers around the world. It’s full of good waves, good, spicy food, good vibes, and great people (most of them, we believe).  Everyone knows that. But the truth is, for one Portuguese surfer, this is a very special place: João Kopke.

A few months ago, João crossed the Atlantic to surf classic waves with his filmmaker and producer Nuno Bandeira for three weeks. The culture, the thirst for adventure, and “la vida loca” produced a feature they called “El Sombrero.”

“Mexico has one of the most iconic waves in the world,” João says, referring to Puerto Escondido. “You don’t surf there if you don’t know the wave, that’s for sure. There is a hostile environment in the lineup. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Even between the photographers.”


However, “we found out there is a huge variety of surf spots and if you travel a little bit through the coast you will find reefs and endless point breaks that make you have a burning desire for more”, he continued.

Tierra Blanca, Barra de La Cruz, and Las Puntas were all places João reminisced with affection, sharing the feeling of experiencing something totally different and new — like surfing for the first time.

That’s how “El Sombrero” became a story about exploring Mexico’s other waves and the things that truly define the land to a person laying their eyes on it all for the first time.



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