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Every winter, it’s typical to be inundated with surf clips from Oahu. Walk any part of the seven-mile stretch of highly-venerated coast on the island’s North Shore and you’re likely to rub shoulders with a pro surfer or two. Head to Ehukai Beach Park and you’d be hard-pressed to find a spot to lie a towel that isn’t already occupied by a photographer and his/her long lens pointed toward the water. And so it goes we incur a seasonal deluge of high-performance surf clips to the point that even in May there’s an expectation of what a Hawaii surf edit might look like.

Allow us to remedy that shade of jade with the clip above featuring Joel Tudor, his son Tosh Tudor, and Saxon Wilson. Joel may be best known for working to preserve the traditional longboarding aesthetic (9-foot-plus, single fin, no leash, etc.), but the man also has a strange affinity for putting a single-fin, down-railer deep in the tube at Pipeline. And when the surf isn’t exactly cooperating for that, Joel’s pilgrimages to Hawaii are often spent putting other throwback crafts through the paces. Lucky for Joel’s eldest, Tosh, being under dad’s tutelage from an early age means an education in surf history and an emphasis on style.


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