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The Inertia

For a guy who got the short end of the judging stick at the J-Bay Open recently, John John Florence sure doesn’t show it. By now, it’s pretty much common knowledge that Connor O’Leary received a gift card when he was awarded a highly suspect score over John John in their round of 16 Heat at J-Bay in July. The internet went crazy, and someone even made a side-by-side comparison of their rides. Yeah, JJF probably got shortchanged on that one. Even Connor was surprised by his score.

But like I said, it doesn’t seem like John holds any ill will. Mr. Florence released this pretty little piece on his YouTube page today simply titled, “J Bay.” Florence’s surfing is front and center along with the wave riding of brother Nathan and Ivan, not to mention Mom John, one Alexandra Florence. It highlights all the loveliness that is South Africa, from the wildlife to the food, and yes, arguably the best right-hand point break on Earth. And John John is still incredible to watch on that wave .


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