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John John Florence has a way with Margaret River. He won there in 2017 in one of the most dominant displays of surfing that’s ever occurred. He’s scored more than a few 10 point rides in his career, but believe it or not, the perfect 10 he nailed down was his first one at Margaret River.

Main Break suits Florence’s surfing. It’s a powerful wave and it needs a powerful surfer. Florence, however, had a bit of a rocky start to the Australian leg of the tour — he lost to Morgan Cibilic at Newcastle, which no one really expected — but he came back with all guns firing at Margs.

During his heat against Michel Bourez and Mikey Wright, Florence put his foot on the gas to kick off his campaign and found an extraordinarily long tube. Main Break, unlike the Box across the bay, isn’t exactly known for its barrels, but Florence found a good one.


“It feels super good, and it was cool to get a barrel like that out there, I wasn’t really expecting that in my mind I was just thinking turns,” said Florence. “Margaret River is kind of an unpredictable barrel I guess, it’s kind of a warping barrel, and it’s really high too so it’s tricky to ride.”

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