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The Inertia

John John Florence travels a lot. More often than not, he’s hauling a quiver with him, which, as anyone who has traveled with a quiver knows, is a huge pain in the ass. Dragging a board bag through an airport is one of life’s most annoying annoyances. Sling it over your shoulder, and you’re guaranteed to spin around to quickly and knock something over. Sure, some of them come with wheels, but you’re still saddled with a backpack as you’re dragging your boards around.

But, after years of being annoyed with carting his padded coffins through terminal after terminal, a light bulb went off in John John’s head. And since he’s John John Florence, he called up the Dakine crew and told them about it. “John John came up with an idea to construct a carry-on that could attach to the bottom end of a board bag and act as one piece of luggage,” the Dakine crew explained. “This feature would free up one hand and give your board bag wheels to seamlessly roll around. So, our design team went to work.”

John John’s idea is a remarkably simple solution: a wheelie bag with shoulder straps that attaches to your board bag. And, like most other great ideas, the genius is in the simplicity.


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