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The Inertia

No matter how good at surfing you are, the ocean will put you in your place every now and then. Whether you’re Kelly Slater or John John Florence or Gabriel Medina or anyone on Earth, you will — if you surf, at least — have your ass handed to you by Mother Nature.

She’ll laugh while she hands it to you, wringing her wet hands gleefully while you flail about underwater, holding your breath for dear life. Wipeout reels are becoming a thing of the past in this day and age, which is a sad thing. But John John Florence, fresh off yet another knee surgery, was kind enough to give us one courtesy of his YouTube channel.

It’s not all just wipeouts, though. It’s wipeouts and waves that got away. Granted, the ones that got away likely would have resulted in a wipeout too, but hey, we can dream. It’s part and parcel of surfing. Without the wipeouts the ones we made wouldn’t taste so sweet. You can’t have the sweet without the sour, as they say… but some of these wipeouts are very sour.


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