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The Inertia

Jonathan Gubbins has scored his fair share of legendary days in remote locations. It seems every time we hear from, or about, the guy, he’s fresh off a “trip of a lifetime.” He’s tough to keep tabs on, but it’s not always 365 days of barrels and double overhead sets

Take, for example, nearly the entire month of September. He sat through a little more than three weeks of a flat spell in Indo, which feels a little egregious when one thinks of spending extended periods of time on an island in the Indian Ocean. But it’s not like he didn’t make out on the deal. The “flat spell” was sandwiched with two absolute all-time Desert Point sessions on August 30th and September 24th.

“It was probably the best two morning sessions that I have ever had,” Gubbins says in hindsight. “Guess having flat spells for so long made me appreciate how good it is getting barreled.”


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