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The Jones family is one of the most respected families in surfing. Visit Pipe or Rocky Point on any given day and you can find Mikala and Daniel humbly smiling, sharing, and reading the reef like the back of their hands. But the truth is the Jones’ legacy goes much further than Mikala and Daniel.

“He’s the reason why we’re here today,” Daniel spoke of his father. “It was a great opportunity to pay homage to all that he’s done for us.”

To show their respect, Mikala and Daniel Jones sought to re-create an image of their father surfing Ala Moana Bowls on his custom red single fin. During the session, Daniel caught a big close out and snapped his father’s board. Both Mikala and Daniel were devastated, as the board held a lot of sentimental value to the family’s legacy. This is the story about family, tradition, perseverance, and recreation of the original red bird board.


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