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The Inertia

Teaching someone to surf can be two things: really frustrating and really fun. Which one of those two things it is depends entirely on the teacher’s mindset. Are you the kind of person who judges a person learning how to surf for their lack of surfing skill? Or are you the type of person who enjoys someone else’s enjoyment? Jordy Smith is the latter, and he proved it when he took fellow South African and beast-of-an-athlete Siya Kolisi for a quick lesson.

Siyamthanda Kolisi is the captain of the South Africa national team and also plays club rugby for the Stormers. He is a fantastic rugby player. But as we all know, surfing is a little different than most sports, and simply being a fantastic rugby player does not a surfer make. But from where we’re sitting, it looks like they had a dang good time… and that’s the goal, isn’t it?

“Such an awesome day in your world Jordy,” Kolisi wrote. “Thank you for the kind gift. Shout out to the video editing team who made me look pretty good out there.”


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