The Inertia

Josh Enslin is back at it. Last November, the South African took it upon himself to break the Guiness World Record for the longest single surf session ever. After 30 hours and 431 waves, Enslin had done it. To the delight of friends, family, and fans on the beach.

Record breaking has apparently become a hobby for Enslin, as he recently broke the world record for fastest human on a surfboard being towed by a vehicle. And yes, that is indeed an actual world record. In fact, it was formerly set by Layne Beachley on an episode of Top Gear Australia. She reached a top speed of 78.26 kilometers per hour (48.62 mph).

In the video above, Enslin’s asked what motivated him to attempt to break this record in the first place. “I thought it would be something cool to attempt,” he says. “I get bored pretty quickly.”

The video claims Enslin reaches a top speed of 81 kilometers per hour (50.3 mph), which (if verified) would clearly make him the new record holder.

When asked about the risks and why he’d even think to attempt something so dangerous, Enslin says plainly: “It’s calculated fun.”


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