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Josh Kerr is two for two (fins that is) after winning the twin fin division of the world’s most luxurious surf contest. Photo: Bennett

The Inertia

Call it twinning, just don’t call it a comeback. Josh Kerr just doubled down at the Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Championship Trophy – easily surfing’s most luxe contest on the planet.

The premise of the contest is simple. Over three days, competitors ride single fins, twin fins, and thrusters all to determine the most well-rounded surfer of the bunch.

After winning the single fin division, Josh Kerr went on to win the twin fin division on Friday, making it two for two (fins, that is).

Air tour commissioner has a nice ring to it. Photo: Scott

“I’ve been surfing on a twin-fin so much recently that I was almost more nervous surfing today because it was expected that I’d do well,” Kerr told the WSL. “Fortunately, from my first heat today I fell into a good rhythm. Everything felt good, the waves, my board, my surfing, the setting – it all felt right. I was so pumped to get out there when we rocked up today, the surf was amazing, just clean and perfect. Coming up against Alejo was always going to be a tough battle. He is still living and breathing competitive surfing on the QS so he is probably the most prepared competitor here plus he is ripping so hard. I just seemed to have a lot going my way. I’m stoked and now I’m about to go and share a few more waves with my daughter – we’re living the dream.”


Kerr defeated former fellow CT competitor and current number 7 on the Qualifying Series rankings, Alejo Muniz in an action-packed final.

Josh Kerr is sitting pretty in the lead meaning he’s likely to score an invite back next year. Photo: Navi

“Josh has always been one of my favorite surfers so sharing a twin-fin final with him was so cool,” said Muniz. “I have barely surfed on a single-fin or a twin-fin my whole life so it has been so cool surfing on these boards since being over here – I think I’ll be surfing them a lot more now. They are so different and fun. I didn’t expect all of these guys to be that competitive and thought I might have the upper hand as I still compete, but when they paddle out, they have the fire in their eyes which is really cool to see. I’m just having an amazing time here with my family, it’s pretty much a honeymoon for my wife and I as we got married two weeks ago. Except this honeymoon has perfect waves with no one else out, which is amazing.”

Next up, the thruster division. Stay tuned.


Current 2018 Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Championship Trophy standings:

Josh Kerr (AUS) 2000pts
C.J. Hobgood (USA) 1700pts
Alejo Muniz (BRA) 1700pts
Freddy Patacchia Jnr (HAW) 1600pts
Abdulla ‘Fuku’ Areef (MDV) 1600pts


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