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The Inertia

Sierra Kerr. Remember that name. I sure will. It’s the first time I’ve ever been so humbled to admit that perhaps there’s a 9-year-old out there in the world that surfs better than me. It’s a strange feeling. Like when you’re afraid to go on a ride at an amusement park, you get in line anyway, and there’s a boatload of kids (all under four feet) fired up for their third go-around. “Man up, pussy,” they say with their eyes as they look over in my direction. But they’re not actually saying that or even looking at me. I’m just projecting.

Anyway, at 9 Sierra Kerr is already a bonafide shredder. Case in point, this little edit that comes straight to us from the Mentawais. Here we see Sierra ripping laybacks and roundhouse carves like kids double her height and double her age. Is that an air at 1:10? Goes to show that when you have a dad who’s as talented as Josh Kerr, you’re bound to have incredible surf abilities in your blood.


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