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The Inertia

Josh Pomer took a page out of old school surf filmmaking for this one. Nowadays we rarely consume much video content consisting of more than three minutes of surfing. Occasionally, you’ll watch a few vlog episodes or an extended short, but the days of sitting down for an hour and fixing your eyes on a compilation of true surf porn and a punk rock soundtrack are mostly gone.

If you’re nostalgic for such a time, be grateful for Pomer’s new Majestic Surfing, a 55-minute collection that he spent five years building. It consists of more names than you’ll know or even recognize, but more importantly, there are some headliners worth watching — the kind of surfers that only require one name or some initials. Kelly, Curren, JJF, Dane,  Mick, and Martinez are just a handful of stars featured in the film, of which Pomer assures there’s no shark fighting from Fanning. There is, however, a lot of really good surfing for anybody with the attention span and free time to digest it all.


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