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Since bursting onto the Championship Tour in 2011, Julian Wilson has remained one of its top talents. In 2018, he came closer than ever to a world title, but, much to the dismay of his fans, ultimately lost out to Gabriel Medina.

Those who’ve followed Jules’ trajectory will tell you his existence in the upper echelons of the CT was long foreshadowed – from Quiksilver’s Young Guns films to Scratching the Surface.

But, let’s quickly take a trip even further down memory lane to Wilson’s earliest days skating and surfing around his native Sunshine Coast in a short YouTube vid aptly titled, “Where It All Began.” In it, we see a surfing approach groomed on the right-hand point breaks of Noosa Heads and beyond that, while typically reserved for single fin longboards these days, fit a sub-100-pound Wilson just fine.


Soon after, Wilson grows into that explosive style with a Quiksilver logo perched on the beak of his boards and it all makes sense.


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