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Do you know who’s really fun to watch surf? Julian Wilson, that’s who. The guy’s just so…smooth.

But it’s also been tough to get a read on him as far as his 2019 CT campaign goes. Three times, he’s failed to make it out of the Elimination Round this year. Back-to-back strong showings at Margs and Rio turned up semifinal and quarterfinal results respectively, and for a moment it looked like the now-perennial title contender was turning a corner and going to plant himself firmly in the mix…and then we watched him bow out early in JBay an at Chopes.

All this from the 2018 World Tour runner-up. So who really knows what to expect from Julian Wilson as far as contest results go these days? But honestly, none of that takes away from the fact that you can still sit here and watch the guy turn Indo into an actual playground, doing whatever he pleases with its waves.


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