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Let’s keep in mind that the “surf edit,” as we know it, is relatively new. It used the be that a surfer would snag a few minutes of screen time in a compilation-style film, sandwiched in between clips of other surfers and maybe, just maybe, there was one cohesive thread through them all. All of those little sections of each individual surfer were essentially the old version of what we now just call surf edits.

Thanks to the internet and social media, surfers are perpetually pumping out media like this on their own in two-minute servings. And with the landscape of the industry supporting both competitors and free surfers in their own way, you could hardly blame most pros if they just gather up their best waves every couple months, leave everything else on the cutting room floor, and make sure their name and face are staying on the radar. Good surfing is good surfing — who cares if there’s any style or storytelling included, right?

Eighteen-year-old Kael Walsh’s new ‘Obsolete’ avoided those traps. Set to music that was made almost a decade before he was even born, it’s two and a half minutes with a formula: Big barrels through each verse of Nirvana’s You Know You’re Right and then, as soon as Cobain’s screaming and whaling move into the chorus, Walsh is boosting airs.


Barrels, airs, barrels, airs, repeat. Enjoy.

OBSOLETE from Kael Walsh on Vimeo.



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