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The Inertia

If you follow a handful of surfing YouTube channels, you’re aware that the North Shore recently awoke from a relatively flat summer. The summer was punctuated by a handful of surprisingly good swells, but now, the real season of waves is upon us. John John Florence and Nathan Florence both dropped episodes, and now Kai Lenny has, too.

“It’s been a calm summer and finally the waves have returned,” he wrote, “giving us 20-foot face waves shaking the reefs awake.”

Kai is not just a surfer, though. He’s a multi-discipline world champ and gifted on both a windsurfer and SUP. He’s a big-wave pioneer, a wing foiler, and pretty much everything in between. If he thinks it’s fun, he’s into it — and chances are, he’s going to learn to do it extraordinarily well.

He’s got all the bases covered for whatever the conditions. Windy? Windsurf. Glassy and pumping? Shortboard. Huge and terrifying? Tow or paddle. When the North Shore lit up, he pulled out the necessary gear to maximize his fun and… well, he had fun.


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