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When waves get big enough, it’s just not possible to paddle into them. They’re too big, too fast, too powerful for a measly human being to keep up with, no matter how much foam we have under us and no matter how strong our paddle power is. That’s when the Jet Skis come out and the tow ropes and tow boards come into play. But just before that size, in the place right before too big is the spot that the best big wave surfers are looking for. Almost too big to paddle, but still paddle-able. Since Kai Lenny is one of the best big wave surfers on Earth and Nazaré is one of the biggest waves in the world, it only makes sense that he went there looking for waves almost too big to paddle. It’s “one of the most difficult places on Earth to surf by paddling-in,” according to Lenny, and it certainly looks that way. Shifty, heavy, and just flat out massive all make for a very difficult session. But if there’s one thing Lenny likes, it’s a challenge.


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