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Lacking details, other than video evidence that he’s been going absolutely ham at Jaws of late (see below), Kai Lenny announced on his Instagram page this morning that he’d suffered a fairly significant right hand injury thanks to a wayward carabiner attached to the front of a Jet Ski.

Carabiners are the metal, oval-shaped things traditionally used to secure rope to rock, but have been adopted by many users of rope over the years (not to mention brands making faux versions to pedal their wares) – so they’re fairly sturdy. Now, imagine one clipping shut on your hand as a 2,000-pound piece of metal drags you violently up on the rocks at Peahi.Β  Gnarly. And it happened.

“A day of consequences that lead to a ER visit,” Kai wrote. “The carabiner from the bow line hooked on my hand as my JetSki was dragged onto the rocks at Jaws and ripped a good chunk. Thanks to my whole team for the help and @acl_cinema for the drive from the cliff to the hospital. From when the injury occurred to being in the ER took about 40 minutes.”

We reached out to Lenny via text: β€œI’m going to be out of the water until December 2 as of now,” he told us.


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