Senior Editor

The Inertia

You rarely see Kai Lenny take a true beating. He always seems to be in the right place. But he took a big one at Nazaré last week during the swell of the decade, which you’ve probably heard about by now. After getting overtaken by a beefy left-hander, his tow board rattling like a skateboard on old concrete, Lenny takes four monsters on the head. He then posted the POV to Facebook with this fantastic caption: “I got destroyed at Nazaré so you don’t have to.”

Many truths have been told before but maybe none as spot on as that. Holding what looks like a POV stick, Lenny signals frantically for the ski before the first wave overtakes him, then inflates his life vest as the enormity of the situation truly sets in – he’s completely alone. Four waves later, he didn’t exactly look worried, but there seemed a palpable sense of relief when Sebastian Steudtner finally gets to him.

Few of us want any part of that.


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