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The Inertia

Most of the time when we see Kai Lenny surfing, he’s doing something insane. Maybe he’s doing a 20-foot air drop on a wave the size of a building. Maybe he’s reenacting famous movie scenes on an electric hydrofoil. Maybe he’s getting barreled at the Surf Ranch with his partner. Or maybe he’s doing enormous airs on enormous waves. What we don’t see all that often is Kai Lenny just… surfing.

Rest assured, though, that Kai Lenny really does surf normal-sized waves. He surfs them really well, in fact, as evidenced by his session at a semi-secret wave on the Bukit Peninsula. Bali is a bit of a goofy-footer’s paradise. “The Land of the Lefts,” as they say. But if you want to go right, there aren’t too many options. Keramas, of course, and Canggu and Airports in a pinch, but all the good ones are lefts. Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Medewi, Impossibles… you get the idea.

The session occurred on the morning of June 9. A small swell along with a perfect tide made for some seriously dreamy conditions, and Kai Lenny was there to take advantage of them.

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