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The Inertia

There are probably hundreds of surfers who have paddled the waters around the Huntington Beach Pier in the doldrums of summer, waiting on set waves, wishing a swell would pop up in the forecast sometime in the foreseeable future, and thought, “I would kill to go to Lemoore right now.”

Of course, Average Joes can only dream of driving a few hours north and arriving to welcome arms and open doors at the Surf Ranch. So we toil in the actual ocean throughout those summer flat spells wishing someday we’ll have the keys to Kelly’s city and waves at the push of a button.

Kanoa Igarashi doesn’t have to wish, though. When the current CT number 5 was bumped from his hometown’s US Open of Surfing, failing to earn a three-peat, he scored a road trip to cow country and its brownish-greenish barrels.


“I’m gambled out, I’m surfed out, and I can’t even see straight,” he says after a training session in the pool and a switch stance barrel on the pool’s left. Considering the conditions he’d just left behind, this might be the best possible way to wash off a loss in your home state.


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