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Few humans are as qualified (and enthusiastic) as Kassia Meador when it comes to helping surfers of all levels up their game and enjoy the process. From eager beginners to knowledge-thirsty tube hounds, she’s got you covered. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the launch of Kassia Meador’s Longboarding Level-Up 3.0, a brand new course to add to her Definitive Guide to Longboarding 3.0.

“I have learned so much from all your feedback in our past courses,” Kassia says. “And I’ve learned so much leading surf retreats over the last few years, as well. Here, we asked ourselves, ‘How can we really break it down for you even more?’ How can I take the 25 years of surfing knowledge to teach you and help you improve your surfing on a faster timeline?”

That’s a fun proposition, isn’t it? Getting better faster? In her newest update, Meador tackles new topics like fine-tuning railwork, trimming with style, parallel stance, fade takeoffs, and even how to approach transitioning to shorter boards like midlengths with her trademark good vibes. In ten all-new video lessons, Kassia is excited to help you develop your own unique style and strengthen your foundation of surf knowledge.

“A lot of what I’m sharing is an invitation to absorb this information and create your own style around it,” says Meador, who talks about the different boards and waves she grew up riding to help inform students’ decisions about their own board selection. “I wish I had something like this when I was a kid!”

So she made it for you.

Check out her 45-video lesson Definitive Guide to Longboarding 3.0 here. The Inertia readers save 10% by using code WELCOME10 at checkout.


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