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Access Kassia Meador’s Definitive Guide To Longboarding.

Have you ever wanted to hang ten? Feel those piggies basking in the cool breeze while you soar across the ledge of a perfectly groomed point? Like an eagle. Or a dolphin. You’ve probably watched your favorite surfers make it look effortless more times than you care to remember. But if you’ve tried, you know it’s no walk in the park. A faceplant or two will do that.

So what if you could learn to hang ten from one of the most stylish longboarders on earth?


Well, now you can. We teamed up with longboarding icon Kassia Meador to make it happen.

“I just want to help you have fun and be safe,” says Meador. “I want to share all the knowledge that I’ve gained over eighteen years in the water to make it easier for you and to make the lineup an even better, friendlier place. I can’t wait for you to join me.”

With her vision and a lifetime of experience pioneering style for modern longboarding, we teamed up to produce a course that will help you get to the next level, no matter where you are in your surfing. In 25 lessons that span over an hour, surf icon Kassia Meador thoroughly covers longboarding’s essentials.


For those just starting out or wanting to get a firm grasp on the foundation of longboarding, check out Kassia’s Longboarding Fundamentals course. It covers everything from how to properly wax your board to fin placement to surf etiquette, and it concludes with you standing up on a wave.

For surfers looking for guidance on more advanced maneuvers, Kassia’s Intermediate to Advanced Guide to Longboarding takes you from your first bottom turn to the nuances of cross-stepping, to hanging five, ten, and heels, getting tubed, and linking it all together to find your own distinct style.

Even if you are more advanced, we guarantee that Kassia offers some nuggets of wisdom in her Fundamentals course that you might not have considered. And if you purchase the full bundle, you’ll save $50, and have access for life.

“In my book, she’s the best female longboarder of all time,” says pro surfer, Alex Gray. “Maybe it’s the never-ending smile mixed with laughter that is so intriguing. Getting surf advice from Kass is like getting a baseball lesson from Babe Ruth. She’s a Hall of Famer that has a bigger picture outlook on life. In another lifetime, I’d like to come back as Kassia Meador: The Queen of Surf and most epic of humans.”

Kassia has even offered to provide personal feedback on footage of three waves from the first 25 students to enroll, so we wanted to make sure to get this opportunity in front of The Inertia family before anyone else!

For a limited time, the courses are available for $125 each or $199 as a bundle.


All students will be offered access to a Private Facebook Group to develop a community and learn from one another.

“It’s all good vibes, and by the end of this course, you’ll feel a lot more confident, safe, and knowledgeable,” says Meador. “Which means you’re going to catch way more waves and have a lot more fun.”

Access Kassia Meador’s Definitive Guide To Longboarding now.

Kassia Meador’s Definitive Guide to Longboarding

Kassia Meador, Queen of Malibu and Good Vibes, is amped to help you park it on the nose. Photo: JP Van Swae


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