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Keala Kennelly is inarguably one of the most fearless surfers on the planet. She’s made a habit of charging Pipeline, Teahupoo, and Jaws on those end of the world-looking days. Wherever it’s giant and dangerous – that’s where KK makes appearances. We sat down with Keala to hear more about her recent win at Billabong XXL, what it feels like to surf Teahupoo for the first time, and what new big waves, adventures, and discoveries are on the horizon. Meet Keala Kennelly.

Keala Kennelly, fearlessly leading the charge for women's surfing.

Keala Kennelly, fearlessly leading the charge for women’s surfing. Photo: The Inertia

Photo: Ryan Struck

Keala charging Puerto Escondido on a serious day. Photo:Ryan Struck


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