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Kelly Slater and Shane Dorian have long been friends, having grown up together competing and traveling the world. Shane even made sure to connect his son Jackson with Kelly for life: Slater is the younger Dorian’s godfather. So it’s probably fitting the GOAT showed the young surfing phenom how to get worked in real Sunset Beach shorebreak. Jackson and Slater, packing three boards through big surf take an absolute beating. And it was all caught on camera.

“A big set came right as we jumped in to paddle and we both got so smashed,” Slater said. “I felt like I was watching myself at Waimea when I was a little kid, trying to get through the sandbar, get through the shorebreak. But it was fun, he had a good time. Shane and I took him for a surf this morning in some big stuff and got him loosened up and then he was all excited to caddy.”





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